The Fourth of July is upon us, and many Americans are feeling patriotic as they look forward to celebrating a holiday with their families and friends. We want to take this opportunity at Android and Avancez to talk about something else that may prompt feelings of patriotism.

Made in the USA is a label that many American companies take great pride in stamping on their products. This label implies to consumers that the product they’re investing in supports American jobs and fair labor conditions. But what does it take for companies to offer the Made in the USA promise to their buyers?

Partners such as Android and Avancez who provide services and assembly on U.S. soil are crucial to making a legitimate Made in the USA claim, particularly in the automotive industry.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) regulates all Made in the USA claims, and companies who use it must adhere to the FTC’s standards and guidelines as outlined on their site. For most goods, the FTC requires that the product be made of “all or virtually all” U.S. parts and components and must be manufactured or assembled into its final state within the U.S.

The FTC has additional requirements for automotive companies who wish to brand their vehicles as Made in the USA. Within the guidelines for Made in the USA claims, there’s a special automotive section, the American Automobile Labeling Act. This act requires companies to include a label disclosing the amount of U.S. content in the vehicle, the location where it was assembled, and the country of origin for the engine and transmission.

The automotive space is an industry that boasts American-made products. Major manufacturers such as Ford, GM, and FCA produce millions of Made in the USA vehicles each year. To meet these requirements, automotive companies are intentional in their supply chain management. From start to finish, they focus on sourcing their materials, labor and processes within U.S. borders.

Android and Avancez are headquartered in the metro Detroit area and 12 of our 26 plants are located in the U.S.A. We provide American labor as part of the assembly process and our American-made solutions help our customers achieve the FTC’s Made in the USA standard.

Even if a vehicle’s components are not entirely sourced from the U.S.A., the FTC allows an Assembled in the USA claim, if substantial assembly of the final product is done within the country. Android and Avancez can make this Assembled in the USA claim with pride!

Many Americans will drive to their holiday weekend getaways, backyard barbeques, or firework displays in their Made in the USA vehicles this weekend. These vehicles were made possible by American automotive companies and their American supply chain partners like Android and Avancez.

If you’re interested in learning more about how we can meet your supply chain and assembly needs, please reach out to us at Android or Avancez.

From our team to yours,
Android and Avancez