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Our Culture

Our company is founded on principles of team work and respect for one another.  We are committed to meeting our customers’ expectations, and our team members share our passion for our continued growth as an industry leader in assembly and supply chain solutions.  We are a leader in our industry segment because we care for one another and the global health of our enterprise.  We make socially-responsible choices based on principles of integrity and ethical business governance.

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Obligated and willing to accept responsibility for one's actions


Possess and steadfastly adhere to high ethical principles and professional standards


Consistently being the best you can be


Being reliable and trustworthy


Treating others as you would have them treat you with attention and consideration - including life / work balance

Will to Win

Tenaciously driven to accomplish stated objectives

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What We Do

Our purpose is to use the power of manufacturing technology to bring value to our customers and improve the quality of life for our people.  By bringing together technology, manufacturing innovation, and the hard work and expertise of our people, we are making the world a better place for customers and team members around the globe.  Working in a gratifying environment where you are valued and appreciated is life affirming and meaningful.

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