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Our Culture

WORKPLACE ENVIRONMENT Preserving our commitment to our people


At Android, we believe our people are our greatest assets. We continue to grow as an industry leader in automotive manufacturing and assembly because we comprise an unstoppable team built on loyalty, respect, and trust for one another. We share a passion for continuous improvement and a drive for excellence. Together, we are committed to meeting our customers’ needs and exceeding their expectations. As we support one another's work and ideas, we empower our customers and challenge our industry. If you are a innovator with a strong will to win, you can thrive as a member of our team whether you are looking for a career in engineering, manufacturing management, or any other positions we have to offer.

  • We respect one another.
  • We make socially responsible choices based on principles of integrity and ethical governance.
  • We hold ourselves and one another accountable.
  • We care about each other.
  • We expect excellence in all that we do.
  • We are urgent and we exhibit a strong will-to-win.

Our team members enrich our environment by embracing change, improving quality, focusing on safety, and committing to productivity.  Our people make Android a great place to work.

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COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT Taking initiative to enrich the community

Ensuring an authentic and meaningful workplace means that our teams contribute to people’s lives beyond work boundaries. We encourage and enable community-service initiatives by all team members. Our caring culture also means we help our own; we protect one another and we treat our Android family as a top priority.

SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY Conserving the quality of our environment

At Android we are committed to minimize or eliminate the impact our operations have on the environment through the implementation of objectives and targets.

We do our best to maintain the environment around us. We are committed to the elimination of waste in all forms. We adhere to robust environmental health and safety standards and our operating plants are ISO 14001 certified.

Our Environmental Policy:
Our vision is to Be the Best Assembly Integrator in the World. Achieving this vision includes protecting the environment, meeting our legal and voluntary obligations, and continually improving our environmental management system and environmental performance.


Welcome to Android!  We believe in our Company and what we can offer our customers and our people.

Our Company was founded in 1988, with roots dating back to 1974.  Our cornerstone foundation is a commitment to principles of team work and respect for one another.  We believe in delivering excellence and we have a strong will-to-win.

We care for one another and the global health of our enterprise, which means that we hold each other accountable to consistent, exemplary performance standards, as well as socially responsible choices rooted in principles of integrity and ethical governance.  We know that the only way we will be a great company is to safeguard our culture; protect, respect, and develop our people; and meet our Customers' expectations by implementing year-over-year business plans that achieve our goals in all functional areas of business.  Only then will we continue to be the world leader for innovative modular assembly and integrated supply chain solutions.

We are committed to achieving this goal over and over again.  We have accomplished great things since 1974 and this firm foundation enables Android to sustain success for our people and our customers.  Our history of commitment to continuous improvement in all that we do means an opportunity to learn something new every day and this is the true meaning of a learning organization.  By embracing a culture of change and improvement, our people are afforded a repeatable cycle of learning, and this cycle translates into an interesting life.

At Android, it’s never dull, and it’s not always easy — but it’s where we want to be. Working with our Android team has enhanced my quality of life for 25 years.  I care about our people and customers, and I believe that our culture of caring is deep and wide.  What a fantastic life story we are writing and what a privilege it is to work in a time and place that means so much to so many.

Opportunity embraces those who are already in the game, and we are well positioned to play.  The best part of the journey are the pages left to write.

All the best,
Kathryn Nichols

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