Android Industries is proud to announce that we’ve been awarded the General Motors’ Supplier of the Year Award for the second year in a row.

This year, out of its more than 20,000 candidates, GM selected and awarded 133 suppliers at the 27th annual Supplier of the Year awards ceremony.  The ceremony took place in Detroit, Michigan on May 15, 2019.  Kathy Nichols, Android’s CEO, and Orlando Cicerone, Vice President of Operations, attended the ceremony to receive the 2018 award.

Android is honored to receive this distinguished recognition from its highly valued General Motors customer.  Less than 3% of the companies that provide components and services to GM receive this prestigious honor. General Motors recognizes suppliers with the Supplier of the Year award who go “above and beyond GM’s requirements.”

Android received this award for outstanding performance in our current GM plants. We’ve delivered world-class service, exceptional quality, on-time delivery, problem resolution, innovation and cost competitiveness.  In partnership with Avancez, we’ve executed flawless launches for GM’s T1XX VAA plants, a critically important truck and SUV program for  GM.  Each T1XX plant supplies a large bundle of complex products, including chassis,  interior, and tire and wheel modules.

From the beginning, Android has maintained an important relationship with General Motors. GM was Android’s founding customer over 30 years ago and remained the company’s only customer for the first 10-years of its existence.  Today, GM is still a major customer committed to a transparent partnership based on innovative solutions and producing excellence.

We have prominently displayed our Supplier of the Year award in the lobby of our Auburn Hills corporate office.  It’s a reminder of the accomplishments we’ve achieved together.

This award is  GM’s recognition of our company as a premier value add assembler supplier in their portfolio of suppliers. We’re proud to be a premier VAA supplier, and we’re proud to support our valued customer, General Motors.

If you are interested in learning more about how we can meet your supply chain and assembly needs, please reach out to us at Android or Avancez.

From our team to yours,

Android Industries