‘An Unbelievable Success Story’

Kathy Nichols, CEO of Android Industries, calls the company’s 31-year history “an unbelievable success story.” The journey to becoming one of the top value add assemblers in the world started in 1974 when Android’s predecessor, Android Corporation, was founded.  From 1974 to1988, Android Corporation designed and built tooling and equipment solutions for automotive tier 1 and OEM companies.

In 1988, Android Industries emerged and expanded the companies’ portfolio into the complex automotive supply chain.  The new Android assembled door modules, using its innovative tooling and equipment solutions as the foundation. The company designed the assembly process and built its own tooling equipment from their proprietary designs to make this value add assembly possible.  Android also assumed responsibility for supply chain management and quality intervention.

From 1988 forward, Android instilled and honed a new business model—serving as an extension of customers’ vehicle assembly plants. Instead of building tooling and equipment to sell, Android created its innovative solutions for its own purpose to provide its customers’ unique advantage. This model allowed Android to simplify applications and protect quality while meeting unique market needs.  From these roots, Android Industries today, a value add assembler (VAA) for automotive and non-automotive business sectors, with solutions that are responsive and scalable to match the dynamic global market.

A Charge to Advance, Progress, and Move Forward

Kathryn Nichols, CEO of Android Industries

Kathryn Nichols, Android Industries and Avancez CEO

In 2012, Kathy Nichols, current CEO of Android and sister company, Avancez (Ah-Von-Say), initiated a diversity strategy when she founded a company called Avancez.  Avancez, a French word, means “to advance, progress, move forward.”; and after experiencing industry challenges, the name seemed appropriate for a scrappy, fledgling supplier in the French-founded Motor City.  This new company showed a commitment to support OEM customers and their desire to grow diversity business.  As a women’s business enterprise also reinforced Kathy’s commitment to develop women leaders.

Avancez launched its first plant in 2012 and has grown rapidly since its inception.  The company often works in a complimentary alliance with Android.  Although the two businesses are separate and distinct, Android and Avancez were founded on the same customer-centric and people-focused principles. They produce quality work in the complex assembly and global supply chain sector.  Having a common leader enables the teams to work in a unified manner; ensures that the companies compliment one another without redundant cost structures; and allows the businesses to offer competitive solutions by themselves or as a unified collaboration.

A Broad Portfolio of Customers and Capabilities

Android and Avancez are headquartered in the Detroit metropolitan area.  Together, the two companies have 26 plants with 4,000 team members worldwide.  Although based in the USA, the businesses currently provide value add assembly and supply chain services in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Turkey, Spain, Italy, and China.

Through their influence and innovative technology, Android and Avancez have become industry leaders of complex assembly.  In 2018 alone, the teams assembled 23 million modules and served customers including General Motors, FCA, Ford, Daimler / Mercedes, Michelin, and others.

To reinforce this strong market position, General Motors recognized Android two years in a row (2017-2018) as a Supplier of the Year. Android and Avancez were also commended with a “Best Launch of 2018” award.  Collectively, the companies are one of the largest assemblers of tire and wheel modules in the industry as well as assembly leaders in instrument panels, cockpits, consoles, headliners, and millions of chassis modules each year.

Each module is complex and unique, built just-in-time to match the customers’ production schedules.   The business model is customer-focused; lean; and customized to support customers’ unique needs.  Lean manufacturing principles, an unwavering commitment to continuous improvement, and forty-five years of flexible tooling expertise allow Android and Avancez to offer scalable solutions unlike any competitor in the market.

A Culture of Continuous Improvement

Even as a company founded on machine-based solutions, we are ultimately comprised of people.  Our global family of committed team members are the key to continued success for Android and Avancez.  We’re committed to grow and mentor our people in their careers.  We’re proud of our strong track record of developing people from within. We value fresh talent from people who join our team at the outset of their careers or bring experienced knowledge to us mid-career.  We’ve embraced a people development strategy that will enable our companies to succeed well into the future.  This commitment to people development allows us to attract and retain the best talent in the industry.

From the beginning we’ve been a company of innovators and problem-solvers. We embrace new challenges and execute with urgency and excellence.  As our companies expand, we’re constantly seeking new opportunities for our future state, while improving all aspects of our current state. We’re experienced managers of a complex global supply chain.  We’re flexible problem solvers who adapt our broad portfolio of experience to match diverse customer needs and fluctuating market demands.

We know that this success story will continue to evolve as the world changes. As we drive into the future, we will remain focused on continuous innovation and improvement. We will stay true to our founding values and rely on our empowered teams to fuel the culture that makes this success possible.

The foundation is solid; the commitment is real; the passion is contagious.  If you’re interested in learning more about how you can become part of our exciting enterprise, we welcome your contributions to our supply chain and assembly solutions.  Please reach out to us at Android or Avancez.

From our team to yours,

Android Industries / Avancez

Keep Going, Progress, Move Forward