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Android Industries is ISO 14001: 2004 and TS-16949:2009 Certified

Android Industries is ISO 14001: 2004 and TS-16949:2009 Certified

Bonderite™ M-PP 930, also known as Aquence 930 , A-Coat or autodepostion, is a, black, glossy,  epoxy-acrylic urethane coating that has excellent thermal stability, topcoatability, edge protection and flexibility. Aquence is an environmentally friendly, no heavy metals or VOC’s, coating. Android Industries, Flint, MI is an approved applicator of Henkel’s Bonderite™ M-PP 930.  Android Industries has the largest coating tanks in North America. Our hoist line, Tank size of 22’ long, 11’ wide and 10’ Height, is capable of running parts as small as a hinge and as large as an automotive body. The 900 series also offers an acid pickle pre-treatment, phosphate layer not required. Bonderite™ M-PP 930 can adhere only to ferrous material. Android Industries has the capability to run the “Co-Cure” process all under one roof. The “Co-Cure” process, which uses the Bonderite™ M-PP 930 as a primer, allows us to apply a powder top coat and can cure in one oven.

Advantages of Bonderite™ M-PP 930:

  1. Anywhere it wets it coats.
  2. Will coat the inside and outside surfaces of tubular components, which is a common problem with other coatings.
  3. Approved on numerous Automotive and Non-Automotive specifications.
  4. No “Faraday cage” effect.
  5. Excellent Physical Properties:
    1. Excellent cyclic corrosion protection
    2. Heat stability [230°C (450°F) for 16 hours]
    3. Excellent flexibility and impact resistance
    4. Uniform low-gloss appearance
  6. Process/Application Advantages:
    1. Unlimited throwing (wetting) power with uniform coverage
    2. Coats fully assembled parts (withstanding high temperature cure)
    3. Inside and outside part protection
    4. No electrical contacts required
    5. No special rack stripping required
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