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Our exceptional Android Industries team is essential to the success of our business.  The contributions of each member is valuable and we appreciate the hard work and dedication that our team members exhibit.  We are proud that many of our team members choose to stay with Android for a long period of time.  The value that we gain from their experience and knowledge is something we cannot truly measure, but we know that it brings us to a higher level when it comes to customer satisfaction.  We value the work-home balance, and encourage each employee to value their time away from work as much as they do their work life.

We hold our team to a high standard, and are quick to notice when our team members are achieving and exceeding our expectations.  Our team consists of the best employees in the manufacturing and supply chain industry. We also encourage them to rethink the way we do things and value their ideas and suggestions to make our business even better.

Focus for 2018

Culture and People

What We Owe One Another

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2018 Goals and Focus

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Repeatable Growth and Robust Reach

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Foundation: Power of the Past / Force of the Future

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Customer Satisfaction

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Cycle Time Improvements

Sequential Production and Streamlined Logistics Back to Basics 2017

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Our latest company-wide newsletter is now available on the server. Check with your plant manager or HR if you haven't seen it yet. Our plants are doing amazing things, and contributing to their communities in great ways. Check out what other team members are doing around the globe.