Android Industries is a world leader in complex assembly, with roots in tooling and equipment innovation.

We pride ourselves in our proprietary tooling that we build and develop in-house. With our unique technology, we can specialize each assembly to fit our customers’ needs.

We are committed to continuous improvement, and we are always looking ahead for ways we can both innovate and invent our processes to meet the demands of this ever changing industry.

In the spirit of innovating and continuous improvement, our Innovations team rolled out a new way of expanding our reach within the company called POINt 2020 Challenge.

This idea was brought to life over a year ago and to keep momentum moving forward, we have decided this should be an annual way to involve our teams and learn how to continuously improve.

We are proud to give our team members the opportunity to use the process of design thinking in our POINt challenges.


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Android Innovations Vision & Mission Statement



Innovate and invent solutions that further the company’s vision to be the best assembly integrator in the world.



Deploy an open sourcing process for project selection and global team member engagement.

Develop solutions that add incremental and ground breaking value for all stakeholders.

Collaboratively transition from proof of concept to validation.