Last year, we expanded our idea pool by reaching out to our company globally for their own innovative solutions, ideas, and input. Our POINt 2020 Challenge was such a success last year that we have decided to keep the momentum going by launching POINt 2021.

At Android, we are committed and focused on continuous improvement. The POINt 2021 challenge is a way we plan to continue to engage all team members in making the company better. Ideas do not need to be only equipment or machine focused because all areas of the business can be improved.

If you have an innovation or invention to make any process or aspect of the company better, submit your idea below.


POINt Idea Submission Links:


POINt 2020 Challenge.

PDF and Word downloads for the challenge available below:



– POINt 2020 Promotional Poster (PDF)
– POINt 2020 Communications Slides (PDF)



– A3 POINt 2020 Worksheet Template (PDF)
– A3 POINt 2020 Worksheet Template (Word)



– A3 POINt 2020 Worksheet Example (PDF)


Let’s move forward together and continue our innovation success. We cannot wait to hear from YOU and see your idea come to life!



Vision & Mission Statement



Innovate and invent solutions that further the company’s vision to be the best assembly integrator in the world.



Deploy an open sourcing process for project selection and global team member engagement.

Develop solutions that add incremental and ground breaking value for all stakeholders.

Collaboratively transition from proof of concept to validation.