Completing internship hours at a company like Android or Avancez while earning your degree is a great way to jumpstart your career. Interns at Android and Avancez earn more than required college credits and an impressive line item on their resume. In each of these innovative and fast-paced companies, our interns become valued members of a dynamic team committed to growth and continuous improvement.

Here are five reasons you should apply to an internship at Android or Avancez today:

1. Connect with mentors in your field and collaborate with a passionate team

At Android and Avancez, interns gain mentors who are willing to invest in their success. You will have the opportunity to work closely with and learn from experts in your field. Your managers will challenge and develop you in your professional skills.

“During my internship, I always knew that I was given a high level of responsibility that came with high expectations, everyone here wanted me to succeed, because we are all on the same team. I knew that if I ran into an issue I couldn’t solve, there was a team of people around me to help me figure it out. That is exactly the type of place that I want to work!”

-Engineering Intern 2016-2017, hired full-time with Android in 2018


“By giving me responsibilities and taking the time to guide me through different processes, [the Android team] displayed the values embodied at Android which made me want to come back full time after my internship.”

-Manufacturing Engineering Intern 2018, hired full-time with Android in 2019

2. Gain real-world experience that you can’t get from a classroom

Your education will come to life as you put your knowledge to work at Android and Avancez. Interns are not only exposed to a real work environment; they are a valued member of it. You will learn from the inside about industry and corporate function. Through hands-on experience, you will learn about the day-to-day life in the career you are pursuing.

“This 3-month long internship has provided me with more knowledge and experience than my previous 3 years at school.”

-Launch Engineering Intern 2019

“The work that I am doing is real. I am working on real devices and looking at real security threats versus looking at a book or doing a virtual lab that doesn’t have any real ramifications.”

-Network Intern 2018-2019


3. Discover your skills and passions that will help you define your career path

Android and Avancez interns gain real-world experiences.

Our 2019 summer interns gathered at the corporate office to present their work during an intern expo.

Interning at Android or Avancez is an opportunity to witness from the inside how each skillset and job function works together to drive a company forward. As you work with our skilled team to complete tasks and work on projects, you will understand how your unique skillset fits. Your experience will allow you to envision yourself in a fulfilling career where you can pursue your passion and develop your natural strengths.

“My internship prepared me for my current career as an HR Generalist because I was given the challenges and opportunities to perform the daily tasks every day of my internship. I was not given busy work but was exposed to the various tasks that play a role in HR daily.”

-HR Intern 2018, hired full-time with Avancez in 2019

“Android has allowed me to learn how a company operates from an accounting and finance aspect. I have had the opportunity to work with many different people throughout the finance department that have showed me what they do on a daily basis. This job has shown me the environment that I would love to work in during the future.”

-Finance Intern, 2019

4. Make valuable contributions in an industry leading company

There is no time for busy work at rapidly growing and dynamic companies like Android and Avancez. Interns are given important tasks with real ramifications. They are expected to take ownership of those tasks and learn through their experiences. Interns even have opportunities to implement change and continuous improvement strategies.


“My proudest moment was seeing the first project I designed built and assembled in person.”

-Design Intern 2018-2019


“At Android, I can see my ideas and actions have a real, tangible impact on the program I work on.”

-Program Management Intern 2017-2019


5. Earn a competitive wage for your internship work

All internships at Android and Avancez are paid. Our rates are based on the position and the student’s year in school. We offer competitive rates above the market average because we value the work of each member of our team.

Our interns work in engineering, design, IT, HR, finance, and more. Apply today, and you could have the opportunity to learn and grow with us in a culture where your ideas are heard and your work is valued.


From our team to you,

Android and Avancez

Our group of summer 2019 interns gathered at the corporate office to present their work at the intern expo.