The annual Android Industries Leadership Conference began with dinner and a tour at the Detroit Institute of Arts in Detroit, Michigan.  Our Senior Leadership Team, Directors, Plant managers and Program Managers were given a tour of the Diego Rivera Mural at the DIA before having dinner in the Crystal Gallery.

On Wednesday, they began their conference at 7:00 am and heard the direction and 2017 goals from the Senior Leadership Team, that will provide the direction and support to our plants worldwide for the upcoming year.img_2143

The past history of the company was shared, along with the future that will propel Android to be a force that will make a difference in the automotive assembly industry.  The “Power of the Past, the Force of the Future” was the theme of the conference.

The leadership are excited to get back to their respective plants and share the goals and direction of the company with their local team members.

A special “Thank you” to our customers who were willing to share their goals in collaborating with Android Industries and Avancez.

These are exciting times!